Operating range

We offer our services up to 200km from our offices  (see our operating range is marked on the map ). Please contact us for other areas. We are happy to talk !

Pickup or Delivery ?

Standard arrangement is pickup from our office.  If delivery /  collection is required charge is $80  per hour . Setup and derigging depend on the order. Parking / access charges are additional.

Setup & derigging

We offer free setup and derigging for the most of our orders. Larger events may result in bigger charge. All setup / derigging costs are quoted upfront for customers’ convenience.

Operational hours for deliveries

Our standard operational hours are between 8am – 8pm, but we are very flexible with time. If you require different times for collection or delivery , please let us know earlier. Any collection or delivery outside of these hours without prior notice may result in additional costs.  We do our very best to work and accommodate with you!